Front Desk Manager™ (FDM) Showing Appointments 

FDM Features Include:

  •  The industry standard for Showing Appointments.
  • Showing feedback
  • Showing Confirmation emails
  • Agent Messaging.
  • Clients tracking.
  •  Leads Management.
  •  Agent Communications.
  •  Extend Front Desk Manager to your answering service or Call-Center for 24/7 service.
  •  Keep your Agents and customers informed with Front Desk Manager.  Contact us today for a demo.

Imports MLS Listings and Agents

  • Import Listings and Agents from your MLS with permission on a nightly basis.
  • Export listing information to your public and private web-sites and agent pages.

Showing Appointments

  • Book appointments easily from one screen – the details of the appointment are automatically saved and e-mailed to the listing, showing agents, seller and showing feedback (will resend for 3 days until completed).
  • All unconfirmed appointments are displayed in a queue that is automatically updated as each appointment is booked and confirmed.
  • A form requesting feedback can be automatically e-mailed to the showing agent when the appointment is confirmed.
  • When a reply is received, feedback comments are automatically emailed to the listing agent.
  • Generate appointment reports based on individual listings, agents, dates and more.


  • Effortlessly record messages that are automatically saved and immediately e-mailed to agents and staff.
  • Keyword searches locate old messages if names, numbers or dates are forgotten.
  • Message details such as the time and date of each message, who took it and when it was e-mailed are automatically tracked by FDM
  • Groups of up to 20 can be e-mailed at the same time.
  • E-mails can be sent directly to agents’ pagers through an e-mail enabled text paging service and works with multiple e-mail ready paging vendors.
  • Message reports can easily be viewed or printed at any time by agents and staff.


  • Automatically download and auto-populate listing information, photos and outside agent databases with incremental status and price change updates from your MLS (optional & subject to third party approval).
  • Find listings easily by searching for street name, MLS number, status, street number or ad code and more.
  • Main screen ‘Listing Card’ section provides a summary of basic listing info.
  • Display and print a full MLS listing feature sheet or your own optional customized feature sheet.
  • Listing reports can be viewed or printed in a matter of seconds based on any one or combination of the following criteria: date range, street, price, agent, status, property type, district, contract, list and expiry dates, price range, office or project.
  • Schedule and record other listing activity such as open houses, ads or tours.

Leads Capture

  • Lead calls are entered and emailed to the assigned agent.
  • Call coordinators can assign ‘to-do’ items, schedule and monitor follow up activities.
  • Previous callers can be found by searching for names or phone numbers enabling staff to see who they called and to whom their call was  forwarded.
  • Reports can be viewed or printed based on date, caller, agent, source, office or project.
  • Seller/buyer/key contacts and vendor databases can be used for proactive direct marketing campaigns to ensure relationships are maintained to help increase repeat business.



Export data to other contact management forms, word-processing and spreadsheet software applications for additional uses and data manipulation.



Real-Time reports provide essential information about:

  • Showing appointments
  • Showing Feedback
  • Showings
  • Listing activity
  • Messages
  • Callers
  • System user activities.

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