Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s included in the subscription.2017-03-31T15:14:42-04:00
The hosted application, Technical support,  System updates, Application upgrades and  Data backup nightly are all included with your subscription
Do you provide technical support?2017-03-31T15:16:03-04:00
Yes.  We provide tech support by phone and email.
Do you provide training?2017-03-31T15:16:32-04:00
Yes,  We provide training to front desk staff, administrators, brokers and accounting staff.
How long is my data stored?2017-03-31T15:17:06-04:00
Data is stored as long you are subscribed.
Do I need to sign a contract?2017-03-31T15:18:17-04:00
No, Subscriptions are on a month to month basis. You can cancel anytime with 2 months notice.
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