Accounting Transaction Manager is a  turn key Real Estate Back Office Software for Single and Multi-office companies

ATM serves the Backoffice needs of Single & Multi office companies by providing a complete Real Estate office solution that is securely accessible from anywhere on the Internet.

Want Backoffice management reports when on vacation? Connect securely to ATM.  Your administrator needs to work at home?  Give them access to ATM!  Disaster strikes? Fire, flood etc. at your office? You have secure access to all of your Transactions, Commissions, Agent Billing, Payables and General Ledger.  

For Multi-office companies you can manage ALL your Real Estate Backoffice needs.  Access multi-office Management Reports and give Individual and Regional managers access to their office(s).  In addition you can restrict which offices each manager can access.  For maximum efficiency, ATM can be used in a distributed or centralized manner.  Maximize profitability, Agent retention, recruitment, and communications by leveraging the database of  knowledge you gather with ATM!

Sales And Management Reports

general ledger

ATM puts extensive ‘real-time’ Backoffice Management Reports at your fingertips.

  • Agent –  Production, Volume, Ranking, Commissions Paid, Commission Detail, Commission Advances…
  • Agent Billing – Invoices, Billing Log, Billing History Agent Balances…
  • Transaction – Production, Volume, List to Sell, Deductions, Volume, G/L journal…
  • Transactions by Contacts,Seller, Buyer, Lawyer, Title Company, or any contact added to Transactions…
  • Broker – Selling Referral…
  • Accounts payable – Aged, Aged by G/L date, Statements, Suppliers and more…
  • General Ledger – Check Register, Deposit Register, G/L Activity, Account Balances, Income Statement (5 difference types), Balance sheet, Trial Balance, Cash flow, G/L Transaction Journal…
  • Custom reports are also available.

Backoffice Transactions


From contract to closing, Accounting Transaction Manager(ATM) organizes and manages your Backoffice work flow to ensure all activities are completed in a timely and secure manner.

  • Automatically calculates all commissions for any transaction and prints transaction records.
  • Commission revenue and expenses can be allocated by office and by project.
  • All transaction related G/L postings are made automatically.
  • Automatic recovery of agents expenses on commission checks.
  • Recalculates agent commissions on closing.
  • A/R & A/P posted with batch printing of agents’ commissions and closing of transaction.
  • A full audit trail ensures financial integrity.



Accounting Transaction Manager (ATM) can handle virtually any style of commission based Compensation Plan including Incremental, Retroactive and Rolling Average.

  • Accommodates an unlimited number of agents on an unlimited number of commission plans with an unlimited number of step level splits.
  • Commission templates can be created for minimizing data entry and optimizing accuracy.
  • Automatically calculates deductions and charge-backs including off the top, referral and franchise fees, etc.
  • Recalculates cumulative earnings at closing and adjusts commission calculations.
  • Manual override of automatic calculations allow for exceptions to any rule.
  • Select alternate commission plans for any agent ‘on-the-fly’.
  • Allows for Manager overrides.
  • Automatically splits Agent Commissions and Volume among multiple agents.
  • Accommodates Agent Deductions (E & O, marketing, assistant paychecks and more).

Agent Billing

  • Essential for keeping cost recoveries in-line and up-to-date.
  • Bill one agent, multiple agents or agent groups.
  • Accommodates limitless billing items and facilitates recurring billing items.
  • Billing Items are user-definable to provide continuity with your existing Invoice/Statement of Account billing item descriptions.
  • Billing Items are posted to Billing Log first to be previewed prior to posting to G/L.
  • Vendor invoices can be charged back to agents in full or part.
  • Cash receipts can be applied to both agent’s billing account and to the G/L.
  • Markups are calculated automatically and can be preset or added individually.
  • Invoices and billing history can be reprinted at anytime.
  • Agent invoices can be posted at your head office and printed at the individual branch offices.
  • Agents can also access their invoices from the Agent Portal
  • All outstanding amounts carried forward, current billables and interest charges, less cash receipts are automatically calculated on each invoice/statement of account.

Commission Checks

  • Print Commission individually or in batches.
  • Automatically issues laser printed company checks from batch for salespeople, referral salespeople, brokers, outside brokers, staff, management, franchise fees and vendors.
  • A manual override facilitates the withholding of checks when needed.
  • Individual checks can be printed at any time.
  • Direct Deposit is available for Agent Checks.

Accounts Payable

Seller Buyers
  • Invoice entry with G/L distribution customizable by vendor.
  • Automatic tax calculation.
  • Individual distribution by Office and Project.
  • Tag Invoice to Transaction, Listing, Office, and Project.
  • Set up recurring Invoices.
  • Bill one or more Agents for their portion of an A/P Invoice
  • A/P entry accommodates multiple tax accounts.
  • A/P account assignment for each supplier for automated G/L account distribution on invoice entry.

General Ledger

general ledger
  • ATM has a fully integrated General Ledger and fully customizable Chart of Accounts.
  • Manages multiple escrow, trust, commission trust and bank accounts for the largest multi office enterprise or the smaller multi and single office brokerage.
  • ATM’s built in functions assist with Bank Reconciliations and help automate month-end and year-end closings.
  • Accounting data can be exported to third party accounting software with line item detail. (Quickbooks)
  • G/L entries with multi line distribution, office and project allocation.

Extensive ‘real-time’ agent/company sales, production and financial reports can be printed in a matter of seconds. Data can be exported to programs such as MS Access, Crystal Reports, MS Excel, MS Word, etc., to create custom reports and graphs.

Letter Writer


Select from the user-editable letter templates:

  • Buyer’s Lawyer
  • Buyer’s Term Deposit
  • Commission Statement (Other List Broker)
  • Commission Statement (Seller’s lawyer)
  • Seller’s lawyer
  • Seller’s Thank You

Import MLS Listings

  • Import Listings from your MLS with permission on a nightly basis.
  • Export listing information to your public and private web-sites and agent pages.

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